How CBD Gummies help in the quest for sleep!!

Getting enough sleep is the best way to keep me from going off on someone. I can’t speak for everyone else, but sleep is extremely important in keeping my petty levels down and raising my happy levels up. And since the world flipped the switch a few months ago, sleep has been running away from me and apparently all of my friends on Facebook as well. When we’re up commenting on FB posts at 2:30am, it is clear that sleep is not coming to hang out with us. After two weeks of this new life schedule, I started noticing a huge group of people scrolling and posting on social media in the wee hours of the night, and I started asking myself these questions: 

Are we all up because of stress? 

Is it Rona-induced insomnia? 

How do we get more rest when life comes at us like this? 

And how in the hell do we fix our sleep patterns? 

According to the National Sleep Foundation (because I fact check my ish), most adults aged 26-64 need approximately 7-9 hours per night. Anything less than 6 hours and our bodies (and our moods) start to get cranky. So, how do we get better sleep? 

My go to tip is usually masturbation!! Which is so on point because May is National Masturbation Month!!! There’s a holiday for everything right? But what about when rubbing one out doesn’t work?

Take a look at these tips to help you stop checking the clock and start counting your Z’s instead. 

  1. Get some sunlight. Getting more sunlight and some fresh air during the day can actually improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Getting some good old Vitamin D (get your mind out the gutter) can help regulate our natural sleep rhythms. Try taking a walk (while practicing social distancing, of course!), open a window to enjoy some fresh air as you telework, or simply sit outside for a few minutes to make you dreams a little longer.
  1. Drop the devices before bed. Electronic devices emit blue light, which confuses the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin, in our body, especially after the sun goes down. Our phones trick us into thinking it is still daytime. Power down your laptop, put your cell phone in a location away from your bed, and switch the TV to the off position to get better rest. 
  1. Kick that last cup of caffeine after lunch. Caffeine is a stimulant and sends messages to our brain to keep us alert. Coffee is a helping hand in the morning as we are starting the day, but not so helpful as we are winding down. Caffeine’s effects on our sleeping habits vary from person to person. Try dropping the after lunch coffee (tea, or espresso) to up your sleeping hours.
  1. Make bedtime a habit. One of the biggest challenges I have found with all the changes is that I am missing my normal work routine. Little did I know that my bedtime schedule would be affected by me not going into work on my regular schedule. I try not to make life too boring, but I need some structure to be at my best. Try going to bed about the same time every night (or at least have a 30 minute window), so your body can start to anticipate sleep.
  1. Set aside an hour to decompress. For many people, anxiety is the not-so-secret ingredient for insomnia and having time to wind down is a necessity. CBD is one tool that is helping so many people with anxiety issues, including me. CBD oil and PM Gummies have been my “go to” during my “chill” hour, in addition to taking a hot bath with a CBD bath bomb, listening to my favorite music, and sipping a chilled glass of wine. I have learned that when I prepare my brain for rest, my body will follow.