Slippery When Wet Bundle- Water-Based


Our best selling CBD sensual products in smaller sample sizes, that will help with desire, arousal, and getting yourself into a sexy sensual mood!

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You asked and we listened!

I was asked about a sample pack so that you could try a lil taste of our best selling sensual items. The original bundle featured our Oil Based lubricant, Slide, but this one features Our NEW Water-Based lubricant WET! We want errybody and their momma to experience the many ways CBD can help you in the bedroom. Whether it be sparking desire, enhancing arousal, or just putting you in a sexy mood these three products do the trick. I picked these three because of the way they work in synergy with each other to really get it poppin.

Here’s how I suggest using these three:

First, use our 1 oz Wet Water-based lubricant as a coochie marinade. Great for those that like a lube that looks and feels more like their natural lubrication. Wet has the ability to help with painful penetrative sex and/or penetrative toys AND more blood flow to your intimate parts which equals more sensitivity and pleasure. It takes give or take 20 minutes for Wet to be absorbed into the body and become effective, so you’ve got time to play around…wink wink.

Next you can use our 2 oz CBD/ CBG Massage and Body Oil to have a sensual party or two or one. With your partner, the massage oil will help relax and put you and your boo in a sexy mood. Use this time to explore each other’s body and help with any pain issues before getting to the main event! By yourself, this also doubles as a body oil. Just try it once and you’ll be hooked on how sensually sexy you’ll feel all on your own!

Lastly the Spark Arousal Oil is the perfect Grand Finale! Drop one or two drops on your clitoris and in 45 seconds you’ll feel a warm tingly feeling that will have your love button begging to be touched.

Thank me later….


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