**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

Silicone Vibe Pad with Remote


Rock and grid yourself to ecstasy by turning any chair in your hose into a vibrating sex machine!

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Turn any chair into a powerful, yet accessible sex machine!!

This vibrating pad is designed to stimulate ALL the parts down there! You can see from the picture there’s two “bumps”, one that you can align with your vulva and the other with your booty. Rock and grind yourself to ecstasy! Trust me, teleworking will NEVER be the same!

Both waves offer 7 powerful vibration modes that can be controlled separately. The included remote control guarantees convenient handling. The Vibe Pad is extremely easy to use and very intuitive: it only has to be placed on a chair and can then be enjoyed sitting and without having to use the hands. Waterproof, so you can use it in the tub too and rechargeable with the included USB cable.

Vipe Pad’s unique shape is great for those that are most comfortable sitting upright or want a hands-free sex toy.  After the sex toy is in place, all you need to do is sit over its silicone body, equipped with two “pleasure waves” intended to stimulate both the vulva and anus. Additionally, the Vibe Pad has a separate remote, which makes it a good option for people with reduced hand dexterity.

The Vive Pad can be enjoyed by people of all genders. For example, a penis owner may use it to stimulate the testicles and perineum.

Skip the expensive Sex machines and turn any chair into into your own personal ride!


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