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Ok y’all.

You know what I mean when I say that OooooWeeee! I mean this is a LEGAL High T2 flower.

You just raised an eyebrow…

This strain is high in CBD, below the legal limits of Delta9 THC, found in regular mary jane AND a high level of THCa. What is THCa you ask? Without getting hella scientificky, it is the cannabinoid found in cannabis before it gets super ripe and turns into Delta9 THC. In it’s raw form it’s non-psychoactive BUT when heated up it turns into THC.

Right now you’re probably thinking- Say less sis.

Each pre-roll contains 1oz of flower.

Caution: You WILL fail a drug test smoking this flower!

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1 Pre-roll, Save $5 when you buy 3, Save $10 when you buy 5

2 reviews for OoooWeee Pre-Roll

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice for pain relief

  2. Anonymous

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