Nite Nite Pre-Roll

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Let go of all the tensions of the day with every exhale! 65mg of CBD and an 100% Organic herb blend to calm your nerves and bring you calm.

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You’ve had a long day. You step through the door and immediately take your bra off.

Yup, one of those days.

It’s time to wind down, relax, and lose all the troubles of the day. This pre-roll is going to be your new bff.

65 mg of Indica rich CBD mixed with a 100% Organic herb blend that is the icing on the cake to the already relaxing properties of the CBD. Each herb has a purpose and that purpose is to help you exhale all your tension away with each puff!

*This blend does give a gentle relaxing buzz.

CBD Flower sourced from woman-owned, Fingerboard Farm, in MD. The Don delivers with its 12.45% CBD. Smooth yet strong, The Don will get you in the right mood for whatever life throws your way.

Herb blend Ingredients:

  • Marshmallow root- promotes a calm state of mind
  • Passion flower- decreases insomnia
  • Calendula- elevates your mood
  • Lavender- helps you fall asleep fast
  • Chamomile- releases tension and stress
  • Ginger- reduces stress

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5 reviews for Nite Nite Pre-Roll

  1. LaTisha

    I absolutely love my nite nite roll. I knew 2 pulls in I would be coming back for more.
    I decided to partake in the nite nite roll on the second night of my monthly. I was looking to relax and unwind these cramps after a hot bath.
    This pull is smooth, relaxing and stimulating. I laid there in pure bliss for about 10 mins until I snapped out of it and was like oh I was somewhere else but completely at peace lol.
    Great product, awesome mood and you only need a few pulls a night.
    If you partake in other herbs that’s a plus too it as well.
    Don’t hesitate, purchase this nite nite roll and keep it handy at your bedside 😉

  2. Anonymous

  3. Jacqueline G.

  4. Dre

    My nite roll was amazing. Definitely helped to relax me. I enjoyed it slowly over two days. This product is a winner!

  5. David W.

    It did nothing for me. Still could not sleep

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