**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

Since I’ve hit 40 I can just walk up a flight of steps and my thighs hurt. I sit wrong and my right shoulder hurts. I attempt to work out and hurt for three days after. And it was a half azz workout at that! I sprained my ankle last year and still to this day it hurts sometimes. Blame it on old(er) age, a few extra pounds, or lack of consistent exercise, but sometimes my body just hurts. And we’re not even going to start on my sciatica issues, which cripple me sometimes for days.

I talk a lot about increasing pleasure during solo and partnered sex, and getting rid of muscle, joint, and other chronic pain could be what’s needed to get to that goal.

Bodily pain is getting in the way of you having pleasurable sex!!!!!

When any of the body parts above hurts my desire to have sex just isn’t going to be the same. How am I going to drop it like it’s hot on my partner when it hurts just to squat down to sit on the toilet? That’s where CBD comes in.

CBD helps manage pain

Interestingly, 60% of U.S. adults who use CBD products do so for its potential pain-relieving effects, according to a recent Forbes Health survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll. People use it for arthritis and other joint pains, Neuropathic pain, muscle pain, and chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as any pain lasting longer than several months. Studies have found CBD, often alongside THC, to be an effective pain reliever for various chronic conditions. 

CBD Mimics the Effects of Prescription Pain Relief Medications

Like prescription medicines, cannabis works by activating receptors in your brain. When this happens, your receptors are basically saying, “Heeeeeey body, your pain is gone!” even if an injury or pain symptom still exists. Just with CBD you don’t have all of the nasty side effects of prescription pain relievers. I was watching a commercial where one of the side effects was anal leakage. Seriously. You have to pick a struggle at this point!

CBD isn’t just a brain-receptor manipulator, though. It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it addresses symptoms directly at their source rather than just masking your pain. Yes, you may experience relief before you’re fully healed, but CBD also helps your body repair itself.

What CBD products are great for pain relief?

The products I suggest for pain relief are our topicals, gummies, oils, and pre-rolls. 

Topical products are going to be absorbed by the skin, which has tons of receptors in it. CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your epidermal and dermal skin, a process that results in alleviation of pain and inflammation. Topical CBD only works where you use it — applying CBD cream to your legs when your abs are sore won’t do you any good. Our Relief Roll on is great for targeted muscle and joint pain. I use this on all of my aches and pains as soon as they pop up. While the CBD is being absorbed by the skin, the added menthol is giving instant cooling relief. 

The fastest way to feel pain relief internally is by smoking it. When you inhale, it gets absorbed by your lungs, and then it hits your bloodstream so you feel it within a few minutes, tops. We carry Pre-rolls for those (like me) that can’t roll and Flower for those that like to use a pipe or roll it up themselves. 

Oral CBD is believed to have strong anti-inflammatory effects, and as inflammation is the root of most pain, it makes perfect sense that ingesting CBD could offer relief from inflammation-related pain, including muscle aches and joint pain. These include our CBD tinctures (oils) and edibles. Tinctures are best taken sublingually (under the tongue) and effects can be felt in 20 minute or more. Edibles, such as our gummies and jelly beans, have to be digested and take at least around 45 minutes to feel the effects.

Overall, the relief roll on is great for pain flare ups, mild muscle pain, post workout soreness, and general muscle tightness. Chronic pain, joint pain, neuropathic pain, and other stronger pains will benefit from taking a product that gets in your bloodstream such as pre-rolls, oils, and gummies. 

THC vs CBD for Pain Relief

Both have anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain. Depending on the dosage THC is known for giving a ‘high,’ it is generally recommended to people who want to take their mind off their pain while also experiencing relief. Meanwhile, CBD is recommended to those whose pain is primarily caused by inflammation and those who want to continue their day with regular mental function.Some people find CBD to be better for targeted pain relief for certain areas, some people prefer THC for pain relief and then others take both. I’m someone that takes both. 

We carry 3 types of THC products. Our OoooWeee pre-roll, which is a combination between THCa and CBD. Delta 8 THC oil and Delta 8 THC gummies in 20mg and 50mg

I find when I have back, shoulder, and pain from sore muscles, CBD oil and my Roll On helps. When I’m having a bad sciatica day THC really helps. As you can see it takes a little bit of trial and error to find your pain relief sweet spot. 

As you can see there are lots of options to help with your body aches and pains so that you can get back in the bedroom with less pain and more pleasure!