**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

“I hate meeting new people.” 

This was the comment my client said as soon as we started our call. We talked through it, and I realized she was dealing with social anxiety. 

Do you find yourself with sweating palms and a racing heart when you have to interact with someone new? Are you worried about getting on a dating site because you might have to actually talk to someone different? Nervous about getting back in these streets, post Covid? If you’ve experienced any level of angst with meeting new people or talking to strangers, you were having what’s called social anxiety. Social anxiety is the fear you get when you are being asked to interact and engage in a new or uncertain environment.

This topic is right on time because Cuffing Season is HERE! Maybe you’re an introvert, a lil antsy about dating in general, or maybe feel like you’ve lost your mojo- CBD can help! By lessening anxiety CBD can help you become more social than you’ve ever been. It could lead to being more confident in yourself. One of my biggest wins after taking CBD before a social outing is giving significantly less fcuks and social regret.

The products that are going to give you the best results are going to be ones that get into your bloodstream and react with the receptors of your body responsible for stress and anxiety regulation. Check out CBD Gummies, CBD oils, Hemp Pre-rolls and flower. The method of consumption is up to you depending on taste preference, how fast you need it to work, and amount you need to take based on your own anxiety levels.

Social anxiety is a mental health disorder, and I’m not here to diagnose anyone. However, I wanted to give you a few quick tips, in addition to taking your CBD, on how to combat mild cases of social anxiety to improve your dating and romantic situations. 

  1. Meet in a place you’re familiar and comfortable with. This could eliminate a bit of your nervousness. It helps you know the lay of the land when connecting with a new friend or date. 
  2. Take your time getting to know people. You don’t have to rush to meet new people. If they can’t take it slow, it may not be meant for you to meet them. 
  3. Listen to your gut. If you don’t feel safe around a person, do not engage with them or agree to meet them. You get to control who you interact with, and NO is a complete sentence. 
  4. Plan your time online. If you’re on a dating site and you find yourself scrolling for hours looking through profiles, schedule your time on the dating app. Choose to be on for an hour, and then move on to something else. Come back to it later when you have another few minutes to dedicate to the app. 
  5. Keep your responses short and sweet. Are you typing and backspacing over and over? That could be a sign of social anxiety on a virtual level. Create 5-7 short and sweet messages to use when you meet new people online. This could help you continue communication without worrying over what to type. 

As a sex educator and relationship expert, I have several clients who suffer from social anxiety. These tips helped them find their place in this super social world without feeling overwhelmed. If you need more specific product suggestions on how to handle your social anxiety in the dating world, schedule a discovery call with me HERE.