**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

For Intimacy

First, let’s start by saying this: #WAP is life, and your sex life should be on FIRE! If your sex life isn’t already hot as ever and kinky as hell, I want you to commit to more heat and kink in the bedroom. You should be having the best sex of your life right now, and there’s no doubt about that. Women are the least likely to have a full orgasm during sexual intercourse, so Noir Leaf is here to help the ladies squirt squirt and leak a little. 

Now, I have your attention… 

As women, pleasure hasn’t always been the #1 priority on our list when it came to sexual encounters. We have been taught and conditioned to take care of our partner and to settle for what we get in return. However, the tables are turning. Women are spending much more time putting their sexual needs and desires at the forefront. They are openly expressing their desire for amazing D and healthy WAP (wet ass pussy). There is no doubt about it…sexual pleasure is at the top of the list for women in 2020. 

In walks…The Noir Leaf. 

The Noir Leaf is bringing CBD to the ladies. CBD is cannabidiol, a natural element found in cannabis. It is the sister element to THC, but they are not one in the same.  The main difference: one creates an intoxicating, “high” effect and the other one is known to create a soothing, “calm” body effect. Got it? Same plant—-different elements. Either way you go, we only handle quality CBD and cannabis for sexual exploration. 

Here’s how The Noir Leaf can help you get that #WAP (or give more of it) using our CBD-infused sex products: 

  • Boost your libido. CBD is known to give you more energy to “get it on”, a known aphrodisiac. The desire to actively participate in sexual encounters are known to increase with the use of CBD oil or tinctures as some call them. 
  • Increase your pleasure. CBD is a known vasodilator, meaning it increases blood flow to all of your erogenous parts. The more blood flow, the more sensitive your parts become, which leads to heightened pleasure. Target the pleasure using Slide CBD lube and Suppositories vaginally and anally.
  • Reduce painful sex. Hemp helps reduce the vaginal and pelvic pain that really impacts your sex life. Vaginal dryness, menopausal issues, endometriosis, and other pelvic issues are relieved with CBD by it’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Relax your brain. Stress and anxiety can lower your ability to even think about sex. CBD is a great natural relaxer. A few Noir Leaf gummies could have you calm, cool, collected, and ready to get laid. 
  • Set the mood. Using massage oil during foreplay is proven to set the mood and make you feel luxurious and sexy. Get naked, rub some warm CBD-infused oil all over ya body, and get ready to have a really good night (or day…if you like it like that). 
  • Make you feel everything. Sensations are important to women. The more sensation you have, the greater your orgasm will be. Many women are numb to certain types of touch and need a boost to the nerve endings. CBD can help send a feel-good shock through your body starting with Spark CBD Arousal Oil.
  • Have those much needed conversations. You’re never going to have the sex life you want without talking about intimacy with your partner. These talks can be awkward at first and hard to start. Consuming CBD of some kind before these talks can help you and your partner get into a space of relaxation leading to more vulnerable, honest, and sensual conversations.

At the end of the night, you should be feeling relaxed, satisfied, and pleasured. Your pleasure is a priority. The Noir Leaf helps you get the pleasure you want.

Ready to experience the undeniable sensual benefits of CBD for yourself? We got you covered – shop our CBD Pleasure Overload Bundle HERE

CBD Pleasure Overload Bundle

CBD Pleasure Overload Bundle