**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

**Buy any 3 or more items and SAVE 15% OFF total order!!!** Discount applied at checkout 

It’s still Masturbation May, and I would not be a good sista friend if I didn’t cover how CBD and masturbation can be that one two punch to help your sex life after going through “the change”. You’re in menopause when you have gone 12 consecutive months without a menstrual cycle. I looong wish for the days of no period. Every month when the cramps start, I think to myself- Just snatch all this shyt OUT! More power to the women that have kids in their 40s, but that ain’t me! You can read about how CBD can help with menstrual cramps here.

Since I’m getting closer to that stage of my life and have lots of friends that are pre-menopausal or in menopause I’ve been looking at menopause a lot and what I have in store for me. If you’re like me and in the over 40 crowd, I’ll be 44 in a few months, you might be noticing some changes to your body already. Lack of natural lubrication, painful sex, decrease in the desire to have sex, and vaginal atrophy are common symptoms affecting menopausal women.

What if I told you that CBD combined with masturbation can help with all of those symptoms?

If you haven’t already you should read why you should be using CBD in your sex life. You can read it HERE. But I want to deep dive into why it’s particularly awesome to use to relieve menopause symptoms.

The North American Menopausal Society cites that up to 45% of all menopausal women experience pain with sex. Say what? Nah, I’m not standing for that! Shani, CBD Sexpert to the rescue.

So where does this pain come from? First let me say that there are ooodles of reasons someone with a vagina could be having painful sex, and if you are I urge you to see your GYN to help you get to the bottom of it. Today let’s go over the 3 most common reasons you could be experiencing painful sex around menopause.

Vaginal Dryness

We all want that WAP (wet azz pussy). As you get closer and closer to menopause your WAP might be losing it’s wappiness. I know mine has….
Normally your vagina stays lubricated. As you get closer to menopause you start producing less estrogen. Less estrogen means that less fluids are released to coat your walls. You NEED some sort of lubrication to have pleasurable penetration. Friction is a total NO NO when it comes to sex since it will make it painful.

Vaginal Tightness

You might be thinking tight is goodt!! I’m not talking about having a snapper coochie where you have strong pelvic floor muscles and can do that clenching thing that we do. I’m talking about the feeling like it’s TOO tight. Going back to the hormone estrogen, with less of this hormone being produced the lining of the vagina can lose it’s elasticity. It can also become shorter and more narrow. When the vagina is dry it becomes less stretchy. It’s not moving like it used to do in it’s 20s, the coochie needs a cane!!

Thinning of the Vaginal Walls

Dry, thin, vaginal tissues are more likely to tear, bleed, and be inflamed during sex. All of these issues lead to the condition known as vaginal atrophy.

So now what? What can you do so you can still have pleasure after being affected by these sexual menopause symptoms?

Use it or Lose it

Ok, so it’s not gonna fall off but when a woman doesn’t get it in sexually on a regular basis following menopause, her vagina pays the price. But what happens often is that your vagina goes through all the symptoms above, sex isn’t pleasurable, and you give up. Or just grin and bear painful sex. Continuing to have regular vaginal sexual activity through menopause helps keep the vaginal tissues thick and moist and maintains the vagina’s length and width. This helps keep sexual activity pleasurable.

You don’t have to have to rely on a partner to work on it. You can use CBD plus masturbation 100% on your own!

Masturbation stimulates blood flow to the pelvic region. Vibrators take the stimulation up a notch. One of my favorites is the Cannabis Inspired Dual Stimulator G-Spot Rechargeable Vibrator. This vibrator gives you internal stimulation AND clitoral stimulation. Plus both parts are moveable. I love this because all of our bodies aren’t the same and you can find your own perfect angles. Masturbation on a regular basis can also help with desire for sex, which many post-menopausal women experience a dwindle in desire.

Maui 420 Rabbit

Maui 420 Rabbit

How does CBD help?

Two main things that CBD has going for it when it comes to sex after menopause is it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it being a vasodilator. In plain English, it helps reduce pain and increases blood flow. Combine these two benefits with a product that can be applied directly to the vagina and we’re cooking with coochie grease now! CBD works by interacting with receptors throughout the body that help regulate pain, anxiety, sleep, and other bodily systems. Luckily there are tons of receptors in the pelvic region to interact with and provide pain relief and pleasure.

Using our Slide and Wet lubricants and Suppositories add in the remaining thing you need to make sex pleasurable- moisture. Because your body isn’t producing the same amount of estrogen, natural lubrication suffers. You NEED to use lube to combat the dry vaginal tissues.

Our Slide is an oil-based lubricant. Some of the ingredients that add to the moistness of the vagina are jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, and other essential oils. Apply this vaginally at least 15 minutes before you plan to get it in, by yourself or with a partner, to allow the CBD to be absorbed. This can also be used everyday to moisten the vagina in between pleasure sessions. This lube can’t be used with latex condoms.

Slide CBD Intimate Lubricant and Massage Oil

Slide CBD Intimate Lubricant and Massage Oil

Wet lubricant is water-based and can be used with toys and condoms. Some of the other ingredients that help moisten the vaginal walls are aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Just like our Slide lubricant, apply this vaginally at least 15 minutes before you plan to get it in, by yourself or with a partner, to allow the CBD to be absorbed. This can also be used everyday to moisten the vagina in between pleasure sessions.

Wet CBD Pleasure Gel Lube Water-based

Wet CBD Pleasure Gel Lube Water-based

Suppositories are my favorite way to introduce moisture and CBD into the vagina. I find it easier to push the solid suppository into my vagina than the lube. The cocoa butter and coconut fatty acids provide awesome lubrication to dry vaginal tissues. If you’re having a marathon session the Slide and Wet lubricants are perfect to re-up on moisture and keep the pleasure going!

CBD/CBG Suppositories


You CAN have sexual pleasure post menopause! Using CBD and masturbation together can help keep blood flow pumping to your vagina, keeping it supple and moist, and increasing sexual pleasure. Try all three lubrication products and experiment with pleasure!

CBD lube sample bundle

Lubrication Sample Bundle

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