Why should I use a CBD Lube?

First of all…..cause it’s awesome.

But let’s start at the beginning.

What’s the purpose of regular degular lube? First of all….cause it’s awesome! LOL Sound familiar? Lubricant in general makes sex more pleasurable. We all could stand a lil more pleasure in our lives in this crazy world. I have a mantra, “It’s better to have lube and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

Here are the benefits of using lubricant with sex:

  • Reduces Friction- During sex friction ain’t cute. You want everything to be slipping and sliding freely and without friction to make sex fun and pleasurable.
  • Marathon sex- If you’re going to go the distance with sex eventually your natural lubrication could fall short.
  • Explore sexually with your partner- Trying different positions or trying different holes *cough* anal, are going to require lubricant. Don’t skimp on seeking out new ways to get pleasure, just be prepared before something pops off.
  • Lubrication for when your mind and body don’t match- Have you ever had a time where you was READY TO GO and your coochie was like….Sahara Desert? It happens to the best of us. Perfect time to put your lube in the game!

You can see how beneficial lube is to sex. Guess what?

CBD Lube makes sex even BETTER!

Let’s go over the benefits of CBD lube:


Black women suffer sexual trauma and abuse more than any of our counterparts! If you have, just know, YOU ARE DESERVING OF PLEASURE! CBD Lube can impart a feeling of calm and relaxation before sex. You might not have experienced any trauma and still are anxious before sex. It happens. Many women drink alcohol before sex to relax and “get in the mood”. Drinking liquor sometimes is counterproductive to sex. Drink too much and you can get dehydrated or be so drunk you’re not even getting your full pleasure of your sexual experience! Last but not least….body image issues. Ever been a lil nervous to get naked in front of a new partner. Wooosah your way to Nakedness. In a nutshell, CBD lube can help relax, calm, and focus your brain on the pleasure of sex.

Painful Sex

CBD is an anti-inflammatory compound. That means it helps reduce the actual pain and also tells the parts of our body that signals pain to chill out. People often use CBD tinctures and gummies to relieve muscle and joint pain so it makes sense that it would help painful sex. Painful sex could be the result of many conditions including endometriosis, vaginismus, and other pelvic issues. Used consistently can actually help rewire the brain of women that experience  painful sex so that sex no longer has to equal pain.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a condition that can affect women of all ages. It’s most commonly experienced by women who’ve gone through menopause, though. Around about half of us will experience this condition after menopause. It can also be cause from cigarette smoking, certain medications, cancer treatments, depression and a host of other issues. Don’t fret! CBD Lube to the rescue! CBD helps with hormonal imbalances, which is the main cause of vaginal dryness.

Increased Sensitivity

CBD is a vasodilator, which means it increases blood flow. Increased blood flow leads to increased sensitivity to your good parts down there. Increased sensitivity can possibly lead to BIGGER orgasms, increased pleasure, and an easier time of achieving orgasms. This right here is by far my favorite benefit of CBD lube!!!

The Noir Leaf carries two types of CBD lube. An oil based lube and massage oil in one and also a silicone based CBD lube.

SLIDE is our combination oil based lube and massage oil. It combines coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil with a host of essential olis including vanilla, orange, and two that have been proven to add to sexual pleasure; ylang ylang and clary sage. This lube can also be used as a massage oil to use with a partner to impart a feeling of calm and can also get that foreplay popping!!

Slide CBD Intimate Lubricant and Massage Oil

Slide CBD Intimate Lubricant and Massage Oil


SLICK is our silicone based CBD lube. I love silicone lube because it is long lasting, has a silky texture, and usually a basic formulation without a lot of added ingredients. This is important for women with sensitivity issues with lubricants, especially throwing off their pH balance. Now you have all of those benefits PLUS the extra vavavoom of CBD to your sexy time.

Slick CBD Silicone Lubricant

Slick CBD Silicone Lubricant

How to use CBD Lube

Take one pump or two and rub it around your clitoris, inner and outer labia, and inside the vagina. It will take 5-20 minutes for your body to absorb the CBD, so in the mean time go ahead and get into some good pregame action! When using the SLICK lubricant/massage oil, warm it up by rubbing your hands together and rub it all over your lover’s body.

As you can see, CBD lubricant can take your sex game from ok to HELLO LOVER!