I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day 😍🙄 I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I was so 50/50 with the holiday so I asked my followers and this is what they reported back:

Reasons they LOVE Valentine’s Day

  • Having a special day for their non-romantic partner to show some love
  • A day dedicated to them (this made me LOL)
  • A built in date night

Reasons they CAN’T STAND Valentine’s Day

  • Society’s pressure to be in a relationship
  • Being forced to buy a present for their partner
  • Pressure of living up to a expectation to show how much your love is worth (this one was deep)

Leave me a comment and let me know where you fall in!

No matter if you’re single, dating and mingling, or booed up with a partner I have some really dope Valentine’s Day activities to make sure your 14th rocks!

(and those that identify as women)

I’ve had great Valentine’s Day when I was single and I’ve had some not so great ones. I want you to fall into the category of the latter. Here are 5 activities to make sure you don’t fall into the single’s Vday abyss.

  1. Buy yourself a present. I’ve never had anyone buy me something I couldn’t buy myself. Treat ya’ self!
  2. Give your self a relaxing bath with a CBD bath bomb. Set the whole scene- music, candles, and let the CBD and essential oils take you away.
  3. Have a Zoom kiki with your besties. You’re probably in the house, they’re probably in the house, might as well spend it together.
  4. Love up on yourself and have sensual masturbation session using one of our 420 toys. Can’t nobody please you like you! Take the time exploring your body, building sexual confidence within yourself, and enjoying the pleasure.
  5. Put on some lingerie just for you. Who said that lingerie is for you to wear FOR someone?


My Dating/Mingling Ladies

I think Valentine’s Day when you’re dating is really fun because you have options. You can spend it doing something with someone or not. It’s your world sis! Here are 5 activity ideas if you want to spend it with someone you’re kicking it with.

  1. Have a Zoom date with matching Uber Eats. Plan your orders around the same time and have your socially distanced Vday.
  2. Go online and stack up dates for next week. One of my favorite things about dating was meeting new people. There will be a lot of other people on the apps so go ahead and get your rotation together if you don’t already have a full roster.
  3. Send a sexy Vday selfie. Put on your best lingerie and get a steamy convo by sending your kinda boo a quick pic.
  4. If you do get together with a lucky person share a CBD Pre-roll and have a deep conversation. It’s the perfect way to get over the awkward hump when it comes to talking about intimacy, especially.
  5. Send your self roses and make someone jealous. LMAO. Okay, this is something I did Vday 2014. By September I was engaged though, ijs.


My Married/Partnered Sistas

So this is my box that I check off on Gov’t forms, and even though I’m not going to be able to do any of the things on the actual holiday, I’m definitely putting them on my to do list to check off before the end of the month.

  1. Dress up formally for dinner at home, then have naked dessert. No explanation necessary.
  2. Give each other a sensual massage using our CBD Massage and Body Oil. Take your time. This could take up the whole evening, or lead to somewhere else.
  3. Go out to dinner and ask each other questions you always wanted to ask. Each person write down at least 3 questions on a piece of paper before going and whip them out over appetizers.
  4. If “the secks” is on the agenda for the evening use our Spark Arousal Oil to enhance all the feels to the clitoris. One or two drops and it will be begging to be touched!
  5. Have a movie marathon. Get the popcorn, the candy snack boxes, and watch your favorite romantic movies together. (Love Jones, Jason’s Lyric, and Disappearing Acts is on my list)